About Us

Welcome to tsa badiri consultancy. We are the oldest independent human capital and management consulting firm in Botswana. Established in 1981, we have provided a wide spectrum of consulting services to a broad range of clients in the government, parastatal and private sectors.

Our areas of specialisation include Organisational Development, Reward and Performance Management, Recruitment and the Botswana Remuneration Survey.

As an independent firm we pride ourselves on professionalism and integrity by providing consulting services and advice which seeks to Balance the Equation between the competing interests of Capital and Labour.

Tsa Badiri has been involved in the organisational establishment, and re-structuring of many parastatals, regulatory bodies and state owned enterprises, and the development of organisational structures, HR polices and practices, remuneration and incentive schemes for major private companies and corporations including the mining, telecommunications, financial services and manufacturing sectors.

While we specialise in institutional development, our firm has also carried out major macro-economic work for the Government including the development of the Strategy for Citizen Economic Empowerment.

As an independent firm our approach to consulting has always been to look at clients’ needs and develop unique, customised solutions rather than pre-packaged products. We like to believe that it is our unique approach which separates us in the consulting industry.

Most of our work has been in Botswana, but we have also carried out major assignments for the World Bank and development agencies in Southern and East Africa and Nepal.

In our approach to consultancy we have developed an approach which we have called our Business Excellence Happiness Model, which emphasises the role of management in balancing competing interests.

On The Edge


Periodically, we will post features on topics affecting human capital management issues. Our first issue seeks to address the Tyranny of the Minimum wage.©


Tsa Badiri Consultancy and Hay Group


Since 1994, Tsa Badiri Consultancy has had an association with the international HayGroup through the Group's office in South Africa


We are the leading firm in Botswana on remuneration and since 1994 have been conducting the annual Botswana Remuneration Survey jointly with the international HayGroup. This is the most authoritative survey of the upper end of the private and parastatal market in the country.

For almost 20 years we have had an association with the international HayGroup® which has brought an international dimension to the firm's capabilities and in particular the introduction of HayGroup technologies into Botswana.

We pride ourselves on an innovative and creative approach to organisational and human capital development we believe we offer a "Botswana solution combining local knowledge with international expertise.